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We are an independent strategy advisor committed to implement our clients’ individual goals and visions. Our focus is on showing dynamic entrepreneurs the possibilities of a revolutionary way to procure capital and help them to actually raise money in a fast, simple and cost-efficient manner.

We give impulses and understand that not only visions and passion are needed in order to transform ideas into products and services. A crucial ingredient is the funding of the project. Our team has specialized in the field of alternative capital procurement for many years and has created two central funding concepts. We call them Instant ICO and Instant IPO.

Our ICO/IPO team consists of independent capital market experts. We accompany and support innovative entrepreneurs and companies on their way using expertise, knowledge and a network of contacts in the financial industry gained over the last twenty years.

We are happy to answer any enquiries that you may have. Please feel free to give us a call at +49 (0) 89 54578552


Two similar concepts, which could not be more different

  • ICOs

  • IPOs

  • ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a young innovative way to raise capital which is increasingly becoming attractive for aspiring companies. In most cases, in the beginning of a company there was a vision or innovative idea. Capital procurement in such an early stage proves itself to be difficult since reliable company results cannot be provided to potential investors. Against this background, ICOs can be considered as an investment in a vision or an innovative idea. Initiators are given the opportunity to raise funds in an early stage of their project. Investors on the other hand have the opportunity to position themselves on the market at a very early stage at a relatively low price level. The ICO market is open for any company regardless of its legal form and meanwhile capable to satisfy larger funding requirements. The advantage of an ICO is a straightforward implementation process that is time-saving and cost-efficient. […]

  • Through an IPO companies are raising equity capital by offering shares to investors. A distinction can be made here between the processes of traditional IPOs and so called alternative IPOs (Instant IPOs). Mostly, traditional IPOs are time-consuming and cost-intensive. Moreover, the company offering its shares (issuer) is dominated by external influencing factors, such as lawyers, authorities, banks, underwriting groups etc..

    In comparison to a classical IPO our Instant IPO process is considerably less cost-intensive and time consuming and can be conducted independently. Therefore it is particularly interesting for young, aspiring companies that lack a long history of market performance. Eventually, the Instant IPO process leads to the same goal as the classical IPO: a direct access to capital markets. More than 20 years ago the team of Instant ICO/IPO has created this alternative way of capital procurement and improved it ever since. […]


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