ICO Consulting

Our strategic advisory team offers comprehensive consulting concerning Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) with a view to your actual request profile. Basically it means that in a first step the evolutionary stage of the company has to be determined in order to have the best possible focus for the project.

In other words, we actively support our customers in the decision making process and implantation.

For example, our integrated approach also takes the advantages of an ICO or IPO or a systematic combination of both into consideration. One of our most important aspirations is to navigate our costumers undisturbed through the process, so that they can fully concentrate on the implementation of their ideas and innovations.

Our capital market experts and our long-standing and established network are helping companies with the following challenges:

  • Decision making
    • Choice between ICO and IPO or a combination of both
    • o Legal classification of your project
    • o Determination of projects costs expenditure of time
    • o Choice of the legal form or jurisdiction
  • Implementation
    • Drafting of the relevant documents (whitepaper, prospectus etc.)
    • Technical structuring of coins/tokens
    • Legal classification of the design/characteristics of the coins/tokens
    • Search for adequate trading platforms (exchange for cryptocurrencies)
    • Preparation for tradebility of Coins/Token at cryptocurrency exchanges
    • Search for adequate partners to maximize your placement chances
    • Regular updating and further development of your public information (website, news, etc.)
    • Realisation of your media-based communications
  • After-ICO-Phase
    • Regular updating of all necessary public information and news
    • Medium and long term planning of sustainable growth
    • Focusing and structuring the company for new capital sources and implementation of capital measures
    • Consulting and structuring the company up to IPO maturity

Thanks to our well-established Instant-ICO/IPO concepts we are able to help our customers to access new capital sources independent of the evolutionary stage of their project/company in a quick, simple and cost-efficient manner. Our aspiration is to optimally prepare our clients for their upcoming ICO s and to successfully implement them together.


  • ICO & IPO
  • Whitepaper & Sales Prospectus
  • Placement of tokens & Placement of shares
  • Contact details

    Instant IPO SE
    Tel. 089 54578552
    E-mail: info@instant-ico.de


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