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Over 20 years ago our capital market experts created an alternative access for companies to the capital market – we call it Instant IPO. In short it describes the contribution of a business operation to a stock listed shell company. Compared to a classical IPO this type of listing and tapping into the capital market is less cost-intensive and time consuming and subjected to regulations to a lesser extent.

Due to the fact, that IPOs are subjected to regulatory requirements and the process is well structured they seem to be currently considered as the more legitimate way to obtain funding in comparison to ICOs. Thus, the public acceptance of IPOs is higher. This is, amongst others things, reflected by a distinctly lower number of ICO financiers in contrast to IPO investors.

However, it cannot be deduced from this that the needed investment volume to fund an innovative business idea cannot be raised within the framework of an ICO! Neither that an IPO implies a lower investment risk.

We consider our Instant-IPO-process as a NEXT-Level-ICO, i.e. next evolutionary step of a company.

We will be pleased to assist you to assess the evolutionary stage of your company.


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